Sunday, 15 September 2013

Absolute Thai - Great Thai cuisine

My son and I would sometimes go with my husband to The Curve and go walking around the entire afternoon until evening. As usual, my son would be looking for a toy to buy which would take hours of walking for me while I push him on his stroller.

Dinner is either buying from restaurants outside The Curve and when I have cravings for something inside this mall, my husband would take us to eat dinner there. One time, I wanted to have some Thai food and he brought us to Absolute Thai at Ikano Power Centre (IPC). 

Friends might find it surprising to see me eating spicy food but there was something about Thai tom yum that really got me hooked. I ordered tom yum soup with prawns and my dessert, mango with sticky rice! Must always have this dessert at Thai restaurants! I'm not really the type who likes to order so many varieties so these are enough for me. For my son, we ordered Japanese bean curd and minced chicken soup. No worries, his soup was not spicy at all, we double confirmed.  

My Thai tom yum and spicy but delicious for me...

Absolute Thai tom yum soup with prawns

My mango with sticky rice (or what's left of it when I remembered to take photo)...   

Absolute Thai mango with sticky rice

My hubby ordered some noodle and fried chicken... 

It's great that their 'placemat' is the menu itself so you can quickly see and choose from their menu. Don't you just hate it when you have to ask and wait for the menu before you can start choosing what to eat?

Absolute Thai - The Thai Tribune - FRONT page menu

Absolute Thai restaurant has an outdoor area where people can smoke but it's also a nice location to have a view of The Curve. At night, the air is breezy and cool, of course, you wouldn't want to be outside when it's raining but it's quite nice on a normal evening.

Absolute Thai outdoor dining area with a view of The Curve

I had a delicious dinner at Absolute Thai and I will surely come back for my tom yum here!