Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Baby's Feet

Some may find it weird, some may even find it disgusting but I am simply addicted to my baby's feet. No day passes by without feet-biting and feet-kissing sessions with my son. Since the day he was born, I've fallen in love with those tiny, chubby feet. So soft, so kissable and so good to nibble.

Now, he's already 2 1/2 years old. We still enjoy our feet-biting and feet-kissing sessions. In fact, he's gotten so used to it that he would voluntarily stretch out his legs and tell me, "Mommy, bite my baby feet." Priceless. 

Well, I've taken extra effort to take care of this treasure. His feet must always be clean, moisturized, nails always kept well-trimmed. I wish I can maintain his beautiful skin as long as possible. Surprisingly, though, there are not enough skincare products in the market that are specifically-made for baby or children's skin. I honestly don't want to rely on mass-market brands that have, of course, flooded the beauty shops. Hopefully, one day, there might be a brand to join me in my quest to maintain my baby's skin...especially his beautiful feet.  

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