Wednesday, 30 April 2014

NARS Contour Blush Product Review

Got myself another NARS product! I think it’s really worth the investment.


I’ve not tried applying contour blush on my own before. This item sounds like something only a professional makeup artist can use. Although I’ve worked with pro makeup artists for model photo shoots or video shooting for the brands I’ve managed in the past, I haven’t really grasped the techniques of how they apply makeup and what products will achieve a certain effect. I’m sure it took them years of training and practice to learn the tricks for this.


But I decided to be brave and give this contour blush a shot. According to pros, applying contour blush can give better shape and slimmer look on the face. Wow, isn’t that something? I am scheduled to attend a wedding in a few months and I am panicking on how to get slimmer or at least look thinner during the event. Sigh, the challenges of being a mummy who has gained a lot of weight and having a hard time burning it for years.

Well, if the Nars Contour Blush can provide me with the ‘contoured’ face in minutes then why not? I did a bit of video surfing on how to apply contour blush, as I haven’t done this before. It looks easy when applied by a makeup artist on you but doing it yourself can be tricky.

After applying my moisturizer, sunscreen, pore minimizer and foundation, I excitedly took out my new NARS Contour Blush in Paloma shade. I just used a normal foundation brush this time; I haven’t bought a new brush for this. I wanted to experiment with what I have first then only decide if I really need a new one.

NARS Contour Blush in Paloma shade

Lightly sweep the contour blush (the one in bigger size or deeper shade from the duo shade) using your brush. Tap the brush a bit if you feel that you took too much product.

Apply the blush starting from the hollow of your cheek towards your temple in an upward stroke. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you achieve sufficient shade/ contour.

Using another brush, apply the lighter shade across your cheekbone to the temple. This is meant to soften the look of the contour blush.

Repeat on the other side of the cheek.
You may also want to apply contour on your nose to make it look longer.

And here are some photos before and after using NARS Contour Blush, with a dab of lipstick. My face looked a lot thinner after contouring. How come I didn’t try this long time ago?! What a quick fix to get nicely shaped face!

Side view before (left) and after (right) using NARS Contour Blush


Contour of my cheeks before (left) and after (right) using NARS Contour Blush

Before and After using NARS Contour Blush (Paloma) plus highlighter

My technique is definitely not ideal yet, as this is my first time to use a contour blush. I think I should invest on a proper contouring brush to apply this more appropriately. But, hey, not bad for a first-timer!


I used NARS Contour Blush in Paloma color code (pink beige/ deep rose)

Love the matte black finish of the compact. 

The NARS Contour Blush retails for RM135 and lasts 24 months after opening. 

It is available in 3 duo shades: Olympia (ivory/ rose), Paloma (pink beige/ deep rose), and Gienah (honey/ amber).  




A duo of contouring blush shades to create natural-looking dimension for the face with a lightweight luminous finish. A deeper shade enhances definition while a lighter shade illuminates the high points of the face.

To create a beautiful sculpted cheek, apply the deeper shade of the Contour Blush to the hollow of the cheek with the Contour Brush #21. Using the Blush Brush #20, sweep the lighter shade across the cheekbone towards the temple to soften and highlight. Finish the look with a pop of your favorite Blush shade on the apples of the cheek. – Shayna Shapiro, Lead Trainer


Where to buy NARS cosmetics in Malaysia?
NARS Cosmetics opened their first store in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur last year, located at Level 3.

Stay connected to NARS Cosmetics via their Facebook page:

Want to discover more NARS products? 

About NARS Cosmetics (via

NARS Cosmetics is a Shiseido-owned cosmetics and skin care company founded by François Nars, make-up artist and photographer. The cosmetics line began with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then, NARS have created various multi-use beauty products. The minimalist packaging was created by Fabien Baron and has been hailed as a modern design icon. In 1996, Nars started his first advertising campaign doing the photography for the ads himself.

Product shades carry provocative names like 'Orgasm', 'Deep Throat', 'Striptease,' and 'Sex Machine'. NARS 'Orgasm' blush is one of their most top-selling products, being Best of Sephora's Best Blush for 2006, 2007 and 2008. They have developed an entire "Orgasm Collection," including blush, lipgloss, multiples, illuminators, and even nail polish. In addition, NARS product shades are also named after geographic locations such as 'Iceland', 'Kalahari', and 'Kuala Lumpur'.

Some of the most popular NARS products are blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, and their world famous eye-shadow palettes. The shadows are highly pigmented and come in an array of beautiful colours. They have been known to release products inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol using colours from one of his famous paintings 'Marilyn Monroe'. (for more info, log on to

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Make Up Workshop

The mummy blogger continues to explore brands that she hasn’t tried before


When fellow beauty addict Ashley Yeen announced that she collaborated with Make Up For Ever to conduct a workshop on high definition make up, I knew I had to join. I’ve certainly encountered MUFE long time ago but I haven’t tried any of the products. I guess I just didn’t have the chance or the time to really explore it before.

So it was good news when Ashley invited me to this workshop with MUFE! The agenda: High Definition Make Up. Wait, by the way, what is high-definition makeup? You guessed it right; HD makeup has something to do with video and photography. I’m sure you’ve encountered the term ‘HDTV’ or high-definition television. This type basically project images that are several times better in resolution than normal or standard types of TV. Same for photography, we have high-resolution images captured by DSLR and even point-and-shoot cameras.

And what do all these have to do with makeup? Simple. When these latest technology video cams or cameras capture your face, your makeup should be in ‘high-definition’ technique, especially if you want to hide some flaws. Professional make-up artists have undergone intensive training to perfect this high-definition technique but they also use good makeup products and tools to achieve that HD look. When the makeup technique is not HD-ready, a person’s face may reveal imperfections on video or on photos, which, of course, is something we ladies don’t like. Moreover, some make-up products or techniques make the face look overly done, unnatural and even older.

But HD makeup is not just for videos and photos. It is a great makeup technique for daily wear, especially if you have to face a lot of people. Having an HD-ready face is close-up ready, meaning your face will look great and flawless when people see you face-to-face. HD makeup effectively conceals imperfections without the look of thick application. Like what I said on Ashley’s post, HD means “Head-turning Diva”, and it was such a delight to attend a short workshop to learn how to achieve this look with Make Up For Ever.


Arriving a few minutes before the starting time, I had sufficient shooting time to explore Make Up For Ever’s store in Sephora Starhill. The façade is a welcoming display of cosmetics beautifully displayed on predominantly black walls and fixtures. The focus collection was HD high-definition makeup such as HD primer, HR elixir, HD foundation, HD cream blusher and HD concealer.


The class started with a short introduction and thank you remarks from Ashley. Our workshop make-up artist for the day was Angeline while the workshop model was a lovely gal named Izza. Here, Angeline started removing Izza’s make-up so we can see the full effect of HD make-up before and after application.


As this was a workshop, we were taught how to do it on ourselves. Here are some of the MUFE products that we used that day:


Make Up For Ever collection including HD products

I really loved that Mist and Fix because it makes your makeup look even better by adding some glow or radiance while making it last longer. For someone like me who only applies full make-up in the morning and needs it to last the whole day at work, Mist and Fix is a great make-up companion. I recommend this as a must-have item in your cosmetic kit. It is priced RM110 for 125ml.

Here are my fellow guests applying make-up on themselves:

We started by removing our own make-up (I used So Divine Cleansing Cream) then applied the HD primer blended with HD elixir, followed by the HD foundation. We also applied the HD concealer under the eyes. All these products blended smoothly and evenly on the skin. The textures were great, which allowed easy application on the face.



Here’s JL Buzzbee, whom I finally met in person that day, being assisted by pretty make-up artist of MUFE, Shiory.

Angeline also recommended using the HD high-definition concealer under the eyes to conceal fine lines and other imperfections prior to eye make-up.

The effect of the first few products was very flattering on Izza’s face. She’s lovely to begin with, by the way, but the effect of HD primer + HD elixir + HD foundation + HD concealer made her face look flawless. Compare the right to the left side and you can tell how HD make-up made a wonderful transformation in concealing imperfections without the look of overly done make-up.


The workshop continued with application of eye make-up, HD foundation powder, lip color and other make-up items. See all of us with HD-ready faces and smiles here, together with Shiory and Angeline of MUFE. Can you spot Izza in her full HD make-up look?


Can you spot where's Izza with her new HD makeup look?

Oh, yeah, there she is, even lovelier than when we started the workshop...

While the other gals continued with their HD make-up sessions, I continued to explore the store and their products. MUFE has really nice make-up collections. Oh, please, don’t tempt me to overspend this month!


I loved the makeover tables at MUFE. Each table has a face drawing like this, showing a list of products used and by which make-up artist. Isn’t that cute and also helpful?



It’s a paradise of lipsticks and brushes!



Make-up, make-up, make-up…

I had a great time learning some tips and tricks for achieving a high-definition make-up look. Thanks to MUFE and to Ashley for organizing this session.