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Welcome to my addiction! Thanks for having the time to drop by...

My blog is a product of fascination to beauty products, cool things, baby and non-baby stuff...and actually just to have a space to release and share my thoughts. I was a brand manager for skincare products for more than 5 years, which gave me good experience and intensified my passion for beauty, its science and how it affects almost all human beings. I've shifted into a different industry now which gave me more freedom to test and talk about other brands. And I'm enjoying it!

This blog gives me a sense of happiness to share my thoughts or experience on something. It's also an opportunity to de-stress from the daily challenges of a working mom. And I admit, I love taking photos as well. 

This blog is previously named BABY FOOT ADDICT. Why? It's because the happiest times of my everyday life is to kiss, cuddle and bite my baby's feet. I believe having a child is God's greatest gift, and those small, cuddly, chubby feet are probably the cutest part of a baby...and I have to enjoy it while those feet are still kissable...and while my son still allows me to, haha!

I hope you would have a good time and I hope my articles would be useful to whatever it is that you are looking for or simply for a worthwhile read. I wish you would also find your addiction and see more meaning to short, simple moments in your everyday life. 

Keep smiling. Stay positive. Be happy. Be beautiful.

For inquiries, product review assistance and advertising, you may get in touch with me via cdjchoo@gmail.com

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