Need advice, opinion or ideas on marketing campaigns for beauty brands?

I was a brand manager for beauty and skincare brands from 2007 until 2013. I was and still is passionate with the beauty industry. I had good and solid experience in different areas of marketing and I'm more than willing to share my thoughts. If you want to brainstorm with someone who has relevant experience, I'd be happy to sit down and chat with you after office hours or on a weekend. 

Here are some of my experiences that can be useful to you:
1) Branding
2) Product management
3) Management of a brand in the manufacturing industry
4) Management of a brand in a distributor group
5) Management of a brand in an OEM business
6) PR concepts
7) Planning a media event
8) Planning a blogger event
9) Planning a consumer event
10) Packaging ideas
11) Product testing
12) Product development
13) Copywriting
14) Ad visual feedback
15) Visual merchandising
16) Well, marketing in general

Alternatively, you can also email me your questions and I'd give you my thoughts. 

Advertising on this blog is also welcome. 

Get in touch with me via to discuss schedules, agenda and rates. 

Have a great day! 

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